Saturday, March 14, 2009

Fresh Pond

It's hard bathing an 85 lb. dog with as much fur as Roxy, but when she decided to roll around in a dead animal she found while playing at Fresh Pond the other day we had to do it (and by we, I mean Liz as I wasn't home when this happened--thank goodness). Anyway, here are some pictures now that she's clean and fluffy.


  1. You bring back memories of Roxy rolling in the mud here in Oregon. It is that time of the year here again and so we spend half our time each day cleaning paws - or cleaning floors!

  2. I rolled in a dead rotting frog at Fresh Pond Roxy! That's a great place to find dead animals to roll in. Anna freaked out and washed me while gagging. She always bathes me just as I start to like the way I smell... Moby