Thursday, June 17, 2010

Kill your television

Have you ever watched one of your favorite television shows only to get to the series finale, realize it's over and then feel like you've lost a loved-one forever? It was sad when we got to the end of The West Wing (the greatest television show ever produced) but we just watched the worst ending for a television show ever: NBC's Las Vegas.

I still highly recommend Las Vegas to those who've never seen it. It wasn't intelligent TV like West Wing but every episode was creative and exciting, the characters were great and the scenes were spectacular. Las Vegas was a big budget television production, which in the end, was probably its downfall. I finally broke down and bought season five after giving up on having it come available to watch instantly on Netflix and also after mentally preparing myself for Tom Selleck to replace James Caan as top dog at the Montecito.

Thanks to the Hollywood writers' strike the series ended several episodes short of where it was intended to. They knew it was close to the end so instead of maintaining their enormous studio set throughout the strike they decided to use that time to shut it down. And no, the series didn't just end after a random mid-season episode, it ended after part 1 of a "to be continued ..." episode. HOW COULD THEY DO THAT?! So, the entire thing ends with a main character about to die during child birth and a bunch of other unresolved issues and all we have to go on is Gary Scott Thompson's (the series creator) twitter posts about how the final few episodes would have played out. Ahhh!

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