Sunday, December 20, 2009

Snowed in

Today we woke up to several inches of snow here in Cambridge and it continued to snow all day long. It finally let up late this afternoon so hopefully the commute to work tomorrow will be manageable. Roxy thoroughly enjoyed romping around outside today while I shoveled the car out. She doesn't ever seem to get cold and could probably lay in the snow for hours and be perfectly content.

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  1. I stopped by with Mac & Buddy (we're dogsitting) on the Smiths' bottom deck the other day (they were at E/R with Keith) the dogs would play with Ellie and give her a distraction. There she was: sitting ON the last remaining frosted place in the yard...on the ice. NO, not in the the cold shaded icy concrete. Oh well... Shoveling snow's fun for about 20 minutes.............