Wednesday, April 8, 2009

We're taking on water!

As a follow up to my last posting, I did make it out sailing on Sunday. Ryan and I sailed for an hour or two and then I went back a little later that afternoon to take a jib class. I got paired up with a another guy in the class and we were sailing around a set of buoys when we got caught in a gust of wind right as we rounded a turn (lesson learned: check for approaching gusts before initiating turn!).
I had the jib and he had the main-sheet and tiller and into the water we went as the gust hit us during our gibe. I climbed over the hull and stood on the centerboard to keep the boat from rolling all the way over. Luckily this enabled us the get the boat back upright when our instructor arrived in the motor boat. A couple minutes later they had another boat with a water pump out, they sucked up all the water until we were floating nicely again and off we went ... until we were too cold to keep sailing that is. Good thing I usually bring a change of clothes!

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