Saturday, February 28, 2009

In the beginning ...

As if there aren't enough of these on the internet, this is a blog about my life, my views, what I'm doing living here in Cambridge, Massachusetts and anything else I may feel inspired to write about.

If you have not met her, Roxy is my Dog. She is a Bernese Mountain Dog. She is NOT a Burmese Mountain Dog. She has a ridiculous amount of fur so if she came from Burma, where the high temperature this month was 99 degrees, she would probably die of heat stroke. Fortunately, her breed comes from the mountains near Bern, Switzerland where it is considerably cooler. I wonder why so many people think it's Burmese rather than Bernese--are more people familiar with Burma than they are with Switzerland? She is unique for her breed in that she has one brown eye and one blue eye. If you ever meet us on the street you do not have to tell me this, as many people do, I already know. She loves wading in ponds or the ocean but I don't think she can actually swim.

I'm sure I'll mention Roxy from time to time, and post some pictures 'cause she's really cute but, despite the name, she's not the sole focus here. I plan to use this page to update friends and family on what my wife Liz an I are up to (as many of you live 3,000 miles away on the West Coast where I grew up) and I'll also write my opinions about whatever I have opinions on. Hopefully I'll also be able to share some tasty recipes, post some great photos and spark some discussion on the state of things in the world today.

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